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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mike D.. am concerned about him...

Today was  good day.. I didnt feel well.. but had time to spend with those I care about.  I see Dr Toby tomorrow.. that will be an interesting conversation.  I am worried about a friend of mine.. Mike D... He seems angry and upset.. and I am not sure why.. I will be checking on him frequently.. to see how he is doing.. but I am very concerned.. He is a very giving young man who works with vets.. and I respect him so much.. and I dont know if he realizes how amazing he is.  I am worried.. that weighs heavy on my heart...I hate to see good people hurting.. I hope he finds peace.. because he is one of my favorite veterans........ and he is an amazing special person who faced horrors in war.. and he carrys that with him...

Other than that.. really felt icky.. but that is nothing new.. my leg pain is driving me bezzzeerk today.. and my headaches are horrific...

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