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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When I stand for what I believe written by ME

When I stand for what I believe, I say a word of thanks

When I make a statement against the way things in this country are going or oppose the government in any statement, I say a word of thanks.

When I stand with my church, and worship the God I believe, I say a word of thanks.

When as a woman I vote, went to school, lived like every other person I say thanks.

I thought of you today, when I saw a mother with her children, able to have assistance, and support during her tough time.

I read a newspaper article criticizing our president and you were foremost in my mind.

I heard a senator claiming we should not fund our war in Iraq, and guess who I think of with every line…

When I visit the cemetery… I think of you..

When I see small businesses start and grow I think of you

When a flag flies I think of you…

When our national anthem is played… it is played for you

Your stories echo in my heart and mind and soul. I never forget a one, from the thing you did that you wish you didn’t, to the child you befriended in Vietnam, Korea, France, or Germany… to losing your friends on that beach or in that jungle. To being in a country we were never in, to the conditions in which you survived. To coming home to a country that made you feel like you were outsiders, to having to take your uniforms off before you got off the plane. None of That will ever be forgotten.

From the stories you tell or the ones you cannot bear to tell… I hear and know and believe. I will never stop listening and never stop thinking. I will tell your stories, and share your pain, so others may see and hear and you can know they have not fallen on deaf ears.

Everything we have is because you made the stand, you made the choice to answer your countries call….

When I see war demonstrators or a flag burned I think of your sacrifice so it all can be.

When I see a baby… I think of you..

And what serving your country cost you…

When I drive in my beautiful Madison county Hills I think of the peace you have given us, at the expense of your own peace.

Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, D Day are days to honor all of you, But 4th of July is your day as well. It would mean nothing if you had not followed the brothers and sisters before you..

It embarrasses me how some of you have been treated… that as Americans we have not remembered…. BUT KNOW the loud ones who you hear criticize are not us all. Our Hearts and souls are with you… and you are remembered, and thought of simply because you answered the call, and protected us …

Thank you and know you were thought of today..

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