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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I met with one lawyer yesterday

It was incredible. I met with a lawyer yesterday. He agreed to do my health care proxy. He was so nice. He was so calm. He said I know the work you did, and now it is time someone defended you. You have the right to do this. You have the right to do anything they want you to do..I asked how much, and he said.. no charge, consider it my good deed for the day. I was so grateful. I actually started to cry. One person was giving me what I wanted, what I needed, and what I deserved. I felt on cloud nine.

I talked to MF who is my health care proxy. She was like I love and will support you in anyway you like. I know she believes in how I feel, and what I am doing. I know she will stand up to my family, and will not let me down.

I told my girlfriend TT, and she was great about it.. She understands..

I am a little sad this morning.. and I am not sure why.. MN a friend of mine got much more understanding.

I am happy...and it is not leaving this earth that scares me.. it is pushing everyone away when I am living..

We will see... It is rainy and crappy outside.. and I just ate some banana cream pie... and it was fantastic... that helped a little :D

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