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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

While planning my funeral .. some amazing things came out

I met with Nancy... from the funeral Home... This was to plan my funeral, so my family will not have to do it.  I am not a huge believer in funerals.  The family the friends standing their crying..or laughing depending on the case .... I just have to take a minute  here to stop and say.. what a kind wonderful woman... Talk about listening to peoples stories- she does this every day.  I was able to sit with her.. and it was over 2 hours.  I have never felt more narcissistic in my life.  She is an amazing caring wonderful strong woman.. I have seen her funerals.  She directs a funeral like a beautifully orchestraited show.  She is amazing in every way. I am sure there things that she does wrong.. dont we all... but this lady is just something.  Her warmth, and kindness just oozes out of her.  The level of respect is something that I almost cannot describe. 

We talked about people who have influenced me in my life.. One director of a very very large agency  is a well like man.  Lou T..   Lou... is a high energy.. high profile.. brilliant businessman.. and a phenominal person on all levels.  I said he taught me so many things... she asked what?.. I laughed and said he told me to shut up LOL

I was in the middle of a political mess, I think I liked to hear my own voice as much as I liked to listen at that point in my life.  I was in his office almost in tears going what do I do?.. He said shut up... Listen more... listen to the motivation behind what people are saying.. not just what they say.  SHUT up  you talk to much.. It was a hard lesson.. but I did ... and I repspected him so much for being like that to me.  He thought 20 steps ahead of where he was... he was just phenominal on every level. 

He was always good to me... He was a champion for all that could not defend themselves... He was strength, and kindness and a very wonderful man.

From most people I can find some wonderful warm quality that makes me love them.. something I learned that was good for the world...

Equal to any other person in my life... Lou T.. tought me probably the most... Shut up... what a wonderful lesson to be.. and those words ( even if not appropriate always- when ever I hear them)... makes me silently smile.

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