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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mothers day once again

GOD I hate this holiday. As a motherless daughter, and a single woman with no children... this holiday proves that if you dont have children you are nothing.

I am glad in one way I didnt have children, I am a sickly person who really had no business reproducing..

I loved my mother, but she died when I was 14. It has been pain and missery ever since. My life sucked not because of my mother, but because she wasnt in my life. Because I never knew a normal childhood, because I was not ment to be on this earth at this time.

I always bought into the fact that I had a purpose on this earth, now I know that is a line of shit that is fed to people to give them a reason to live, when no other exists.

Maybe the world is right if your not a mother you have no value. I certainly have no value left on this earth, I am simply costing money with my health care. I read studies of how much it costs to be a diabetic. I am a waste of money, and I deserve to not be here.. and if my body cooperates my blood sugars will cause infections, and I wil not be much longer... I am living to die... and I know the end will come

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